23.04.2021 – Food & Wine Perfect Marriage – principles of combining flavours

Workshop 23.04.2021

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What are the features of a good marriage? It is not only love that attracts two people to one another. True attraction requires the mutual complementing of each other, harmony, and cooperation, where one does not dominate over the other. The situation concerning wine and food is similar. Served together, they are to produce a new, better, more interesting quality, the aim being to titillate the palate.

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This wine workshop is held in English (warsztaty w języku angielskim)

For whom: for people who like to taste, analyse, combine, and experiment.

What you may expect: We will be discussing wine types, basic flavours and aromas typically found in wine. We will tell you what to take into consideration when combining dishes with wines (or wines with dishes). We will try out a few combinations (some good and some bad matches) to tell a good wine and food marriage from a bad one. Moreover, you can expect practical tips on: opening bottles of wine, serving temperatures, glasses to be used with a particular wine, and facts to take into account when choosing your wine in a shop or restaurant.

Practical information: The workshop lasts 3 hrs. To exemplify an acceptable combination of food and wine, WinePairing provides: a minimum of 6 wines per tasting, professional glasses, water, baguettes and olive oil, plus three refreshments, specially selected for a concrete topic. The latter usually include seasoned cold cuts, cheeses, and sweets.

Little extras: No workshop participant will leave empty-handed! WinoDobranie (WinePairing) offers each participant a small gift.

Important: Workshops will be organised when a group of minimum 8 participants have made their bookings. We recommend that you limit to a minimum the wearing of perfume or fragrant cosmetics at the workshop. Wine gives us the opportunity to learn its characteristics in an aroma-free environment. Thank you!

Data - 23/04/2021
19:00 - 22:00

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Gdańska 2


Piwnica w przedwojennym bloku osiedla historycznej Spółdzielni Mieszkaniowej S.U.P. 1929 r. Lokalizacja tuż przy stacji metro Marymont.

Warsztaty winiarskie odbywają się w nieformalnej atmosferze, w jasnej, wygodnej i wysokiej piwnicy z dużymi oknami, z widokiem na typowe zielone żoliborskie podwórko.

adres: ul. Gdańska 2, 01-633 Warszawa